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The potential consequences for Sargent were far greater than merely paying a fine or losing his license.After more than two decades, Jim Sargent’s secret was about to be exposed.For the first 41 years of his life, the civic leader of Hawi had been known as Eugene Esposito.

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He was adamant that he had not been intoxicated, and was preoccupied with the notion that something else must have been behind the stop.

On the night in question, he said, he’d driven to Kailua-Kona, the biggest city on the island’s western side.

Driving through Kona’s industrial section, he dropped his phone’s earpiece and then swerved while attempting to retrieve it. He agreed to a breathalyzer test and said he was forced to blow several times.

The reading came back at 0.1 percent, above Hawaii’s legal limit of .08.

He’d escaped in 1990 and gone on to build a successful—and legitimate—new life under the assumed identity of Jim Sargent. More than anything else, more than panic or regret, what Sargent was feeling as his prints were entered into the database was anger.

Someone, he was certain, was out to get the flower-seed capital of the world, Lompoc, California—about 50 miles northwest of Santa Barbara in the flat, open farmland of the Santa Ynez Valley—is where, in June 2013, I first met Jim Sargent, more than two years after his DUI arrest.“Those who hated Jim Sargent, and those who loved him.” Whitney, who runs Kokolulu Farm, a retreat for people suffering from cancer, had no doubt where he came down: “I loved him.”But in the early-morning hours of March 13, 2011, Sargent’s thoughts were fixated on those who did not.He had been pulled over for driving under the influence, and now a police officer was preparing to enter his fingerprints into a federal database.For the most part, life here looks much as it did decades ago.But there has been one big change: the seclusion and the breathtaking vistas now attract some of the world’s wealthiest people.Today, Kohala is home (at least part-time) to the likes of the German industrialist Michael Saalfeld, who in 2010 paid million for 3,500 acres.* Ernie Moody, the inventor of a video-poker game that has been said to earn him as much as million a month, co-owns a real-estate-development company in the area.

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