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Sure enough, that’s how it ended up and Lydia Martin was born. It was nice that it was definitely thinking out of the box. They can put this out to the masses, so it was nice to get to do that. When we first got the script, MTV was a reality network, so to see something this dark, smart, original and well written was kind of a shock.

As much as I don’t like to read, “He’s a jerk and a jock,” I went in and wore a letterman jacket, and a few auditions later, I found out I was going to go to Atlanta. Originally, I was just supposed to be a guest star. You never know how your role is going to progress, but we had such a blast doing it. So, reading the pilot episode, I was just really drawn in by the characters and the storylines, and could really see that (show creator) Jeff [Davis] had a very clear idea of where he wanted the story to go, and left it very open to take its own twists and turns, to not be so predictable. Did you guys all get a chance to be collaborative throughout this process and bring some of yourselves to these characters? I originally asked Jeff about not having the popular girl be that stereotypical, stock character who doesn’t have the intellect as well.

HOLLAND RODEN: Just like any other newer actor in town, I got a call from my agent and he pitched two characters to me – Allison Argent, the role that Crystal Reed plays, and Lydia Martin.

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, from show creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and director/co-executive producer Russell Mulcahy, takes the larger story of the transformation that every teenager goes through as they come of age and figure out who they are, and tells it with the added ingredient of werewolves.

With a forbidden love story and snarling monsters, the drama follows newly bitten werewolf Scott Mc Call (Tyler Posey).

season two finale, Lydia saved him from his kanima-ness with their love bond.

Despite the fact that Beacon High School's hottest couple had ended the second season firmly together, Jackson disappeared to London in the time between the finale and the season three premiere and Jydia was over.'s showrunner Jeff Davis, there's definitely going to be some awkwardness."One of my favorite scenes is when Stiles and Lydia and Jackson all meet up again," Davis told E! "It makes for a very awkward moment, so that will be fun." Colton Haynes gave more deets about the awkward encounter to Buddy TV, but don't go thinking the awkwardness is out of jealousy."That's a really fun scene, it's really awkward," Colton revealed in an interview with Buddy TV. There's no jealousy, I can say that, but there is a very awkward tone to the scene because some stuff is revealed.

When her babies were born she was unbelievably happy.

When Dylan was casted on Teen Wolf she was proud of him. "What, am I supposed to throw him a surprise party when he turns sixteen? You're a werewolf, and I'm a vampire, have some cake'-” The sound of Holland's high pitched laughter cut him off, “It's not funny! Gone was the wide-eyed, chubby-cheeked baby boy, and in his place stood a lanky teenager with stormy eyes and a brow that spoke of fiery Louis is having a hard time accepting the fact that Harry is growing up; Harry resents nearly over for good (sob), and we now know when it'll be time to say goodbye to Beacon Hills.The finale – which happens to be the show's 100th episode – will be kicking off on Sunday, September 24 at 8pm on MTV in the US, and it will be an extra-long 50-minute episode too, thankfully.At the show’s press day, co-stars Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes and Holland Roden talked to Collider for this exclusive interview about how they got involved with the series, getting to collaborate on the development of their characters, what this take on werewolves is, and how they evolved over the course of Season 1.

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