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When I came back to buffalo after living 11 years in atlanta, ur band was the first band I saw....I can't even describe how much fun u guys bring to the party! We will have 200 guests at our wedding and 80 percent of them are from out of town.Thank you, Mark, having a friend like you is more fun than an amusement park, cuz at an amusement park I will be waiting in lines all day, getting sick from drinking too much beer, and no idea where I parked… OH it’s actually like being your friend (and at a Hit and Run show.) Are you kidding me? I honestly don't get why all their childish behavior! You guys are doing awesome, always packed and always a GREAT time, don't let anyone take that away from you! Hope u have a great day and an Awesome Bday weekend!!!! Hi Mark, we sent the contract in mail yesterday, with the deposit and song list. With the money saved on the lower drink prices after the second drink they will be even and also continue to save on the drinks for the rest of the night. Well, last week he bought his first car (a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS)…he is soooo proud of it, and he asked me if I told you about his car.

I'll mark you in the book as a go, I believe the date is October 6th, 2012. We are sending the list and the deposit check in the mail. Could you provide me with your cost, and how long you perform? Our band isn't doing many shows these days-only 2 per month, so I'm on the lookout for more gigs, & I know Hit "n Run are really busy!

Peter K (Ellicottville)Hi Mark - do you have a long term agreement for New Years Eve? I really appreciate it .a friend of yours at r gig saturday dave and betsy Hiser friend johnnnyc.. 4 now i would love to get copy of both your original song and your cover CD to play on show regularly Dr Shots, So happy I "nailed" the bases Saturday night. I know you typical have a regular set you do, and most of the songs we want played are in your standard set. I've been playing the kind of music you guys play & I sing lots of backup and a little lead.

My contact at the Hyatt is interested in a possible 2 year deal '12-'13; '13-'14 pending price / interest/ availability... fat bottom girl is our song......"stormy love" which brett has new words for....would be fun. I have a really high falsetto, which comes in handy on occasion!

(called "Stony Road" - where I grew up) :) He'll get the words to you and He said we go over the songs at the party? Thanks linda SHi Mark, I understand the party is sold out. Just thought I would check with you if any stray tickets might be available, since we have the night off Friday, as it turns out. Joel Posters for the Halloween event are up, but I no longer have regular posters for the band. My husband and I are in charge of getting entertainment for our installation party for our Fire Hall. Looking for a copy of our agreement for the December 3 for our Holiday Party. My main thing, keyboard-wise, is to cover the tunes as close as I can-I'm a stickler for exact replication, & especially enjoy getting the sounds of other "non-keyboard" instruments, like horns, strings, sound effects etc. Linda SHello guys, Can you please help get the word out about the Bellevue Halloween dance. Tickets sell out fast, so anyone interested should contact me asap.

your friend john c John Hello, our Companies will be hosting our annual summit in Buffalo NY from November 14 to November 17. I also wanted to let you know that we reserved the hall for Friday. are you on facebook- cant locate you and one of the news articles referenced facebook and your group. Very hard to deal with things like that I know,but you were troopers.

Things are ok here we finished up installing the new equipment and started using it Friday. I want to start booking but as always I won't touch the Calendar without Your dates first. Michael Muroff Club Paradise Can you let me know if you are playing on October 29th , 2011 anywhere?

My band does alot of similar tunes,but I think we perhaps stick more to the edgier stuff all night. We're going to try our best to come by the gig on Saturday at Macaroons. If possible I'll try to get your attention during a break and catch up. I was looking for the one that you took of my friends and I.

Anyway--once again,we had a great time and keep on rockin'! We look forward to Hit N' Run being part of our 2012 Picnic. The last few years Jim has been helping Jeff in the Beer Tent. You did not put them up on the Hit N Run site..u could email them to me? hope your nipples aren't bruised, lol, I tried to stop them from doing that but we were in rare form that night and there was no stopping them.

I can't wait to celebrate with my friends and have them go home with such a memorable experience of our friday night event with Hit N Run playing! Thank you so much, Hi Mark - talked to Templetons Landing today and they are interested in avails for next year (4th of July weekend?

Brett and I had planned for the past two years to have u play for our engagement party. ) or any other weeks Thursday - Sunday for 2 appearances next summer She also asked about October (this year) weekends...i told her you're booked - just let me know if anything opens up....

A mutual friend Tom said that you book up fairly quickly so I really hope I'm not too late as I have had my heart set on this :o) I will gladly send the deposit immediately! I have seen you perform at many an event and always love listening! I was looking for a band and DJ combination and you were one of the first bands that came to mind. We got ours last week but my friends Gina, Gail and Heather ( from the QOH dance) were planning on going and apparently it is sold out already. I’ll send out an email to the committee to find out if they are ok with dates, and have just gotten responses for the 17th 18th. Hi Mark: Well we had our meeting about the event with many who know you. Let me know if you have any questions and we will see you again this weekend! Hi, Mark Bach atcha,man-- I understand that my brother Eddie has been in contact recently,and wants to come out to check out the band soon. Always a fun time even tho it's a bit of a drive --going back to Clarence Center was a real trip for me. The season was capped with the much-anticipated "Bill" finally going up on stage. I was able to do the switch with Diva Show-so were good for Friday for Hit and Run and Diva Show for Saturday. 240 in Orchard Park and stay on that right until the end.( It runs parallel to the 219.) It will end at Rte. Turn right on 242 and that will bring you right into Ellicottville. Joel Hi Mark, Thanks for the's nice to know that if something unforseen happens, you would consider me! If you email it, we can print it out and send it back with the deposit. Linda S lol..i was ready 2 leave rhinos after a half hr. Never worry u guys r always #1 in my book :) Hope u had a nice weekend and i hope u have a great week!!! Thanks Mike H (St John Vianney)Hey Mark - I just wanted to tell you my dear mom, Lucille, passed away Wednesday evening. (Being in her mid 90s) She only got to see you guys a few times this summer but I can tell you she always had a smile on her face and a beer in her hand. I have to tell you that the picture she took with you last year had to have the honor of sitting on a table in our family room.

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