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and also who is not (e.g., those who are variously ‘rebelling against understood light’).

Indeed, and tellingly enough, as seen in Biblical History, it is very rarely those who are in (quasi-democratically appointed) positions of power amongst His People, namely Administrators (Kings/Conference Administrators); Teachers (Scribes/Scholars) or Clergy (Priests/Pastors) who are also Divinely appointed to by Him to the prophetic office.

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Instead their claims must be carefully examined in themselves in order to, when applicable, salvage, particularly, the already given message(s) that God had communicated to His People through them.

Interestingly enough, with God manifestly having not much choice but to elect the “weakest of the weak”, because the ‘capable and qualified ones’ are too spiritually independent of Him, and thus (too) rebellious for Him to ever begin to honor such a Divine snubbing, God indeed has to hand this precious prophetic gift and revelation to variously “simple” people, usually laymen, who are indeed not fully equipped (usually in terms of necessary Theological/Scholarly education) to properly handle it.

And so in this blog post, I will mainly deal with 4 individuals who have claimed to have the prophetic gift and have related revelations, dreams and visions they say that God has given them.

These are namely, (in a pointed order), and Eugene Shubert.

These studies have been enlightening and faith building for me and have helped me to "see" the truth in many Bible topics and life issues.

I pray that it will be a blessing to you, as it has been for me.

Some others who have claimed to have one or several “impressive (prophetic(?

)) dream(s) will also be tested, -namely, e.g., Steve Starman, J. Other people who have claimed to have received special guidance from God, though not claiming these to have been prophetic revelations per se.

White, God can indeed work in such ways, and that, at His discretion, and so, contrary to the unfortunately basely (i.e., really more pridefully vexatious and/or jealously covetous) quite common reaction to such claims, the due reaction is not to be the summary dismissal of such claims, but as counselled by Paul in 1 Thess -22, to do an adequately thorough examination of them.

The reason why such a, and that, , ‘due testing of the Spirits’ is indeed important is that, God will indeed call whomever He variously sees is capable/fit, as He has deemed worthy, for such a prophetic ministry, because, unlike humans, He looks on the heart and not on outward appearances and thus will see who is “deserving” to receive such a gift,...

And so, in my own, distinct prophetic revelations, God was from long ago, (indeed just as David was anointed and readied to replace ever floundering King Saul, and that long before (i.e., ca.

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