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Kahn reported that the police and judge became the dominant forces and abusively relegated Bedford to a submissive.In the films Kahn used for comparison, strong white males eventually conquered, tamed and domesticated the dominatrices.For example, a self-identified cuckoldress brought her husband to treatment because “he had the nerve” to cheat on her with another woman.

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I’ll admit that while I’ve seen my share of cuckoldresses and hot wives over the years, I’ve only treated a handful of dominatrices.

One dominatrix wanted out of the field, while the others had some difficulty separating their professional and personal personas.

It’s usually more about power and control than sex6. Another high is the level of trust given to them by the submissive16.

If the dominatrix becomes sexual with a submissive, she loses her power7. Men can be doms as well but are not the focus of this article9. Reducing the submissive to a state of erotic helplessness is also a high17.

To differentiate women who identify as a dominatrix but do not offer paid services, non-professional dominants are occasionally referred to as a "lifestyle" dominatrix or mistress.

It should be noted that the term "lifestyle" to signify BDSM is a contentious topic in the BDSM community and that many true dominatrices view it as unprofessional.

According to Kahn (2009), times have changed as women are now somewhat freer to assert their dominance over men in all phases of life, but not without a struggle.

The author claimed that many societies are having an extremely hard time allowing for this exchange of power and control to happen…particularly in a sexual context.

The domination may be verbal, involving humiliating tasks and servitude.

The dominatrix profession originated as a specialization within brothels, before evolving into its own unique craft.

The dominatrix, cuckoldress, and hot wife are not listed in the (2013).

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