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In fact, this network has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists and frequently does so. President John Kennedy has come to the city and will be appearing in a motorcade through the streets of the city.

Quigley tells the reader how this network plans wars years in advance. He will be seated in an open air limousine, driven by a Secret Service agent.

A few years ago, I saw a photo copy of the HILO, HAWAII TRIBUNE HERALD newspaper of November 30, 1941, the Sunday before the attack.

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NINE CONGRESSIONAL investigations were conducted, during and after the war, and each examined the question: DID PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT KNOW ABOUT THE ATTACK BEFORE IT HAPPENED, AND IF SO, WHY DID HE DO NOTHING TO PREPARE OUR FORCES.


I am hopeful that this will assist in further proving that THE CONSPIRACY IS REAL ........ On July 14, 1992, during his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, then candidate Bill Clinton told the American people that he knew there was an "international network" at work in the world, and that "he had no aversion to it." He said that he owed his start in politics to a professor that he had at Georgetown University named Carroll Quigley.

Professor Quigley wrote a 1348 page book entitled TRAGEDY AND HOPE while Clinton was a student there (1966) in which he said:"There does exist an international Anglophile [meaning basically English] network which operates in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act.

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In it he writes solar and La Nina observations fit well with his recent paper showing that climate is controlled by natural orbital and solar activity cycles. Page is among a growing number of scientists who share the general view that natural solar and oceanic cycles are mostly driving the climate, just as they always have in the past.

Warming has already peaked, cooling ahead And as a result, Dr.

One could reasonably conclude that PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S INTELLIGENCE SOURCES were better than the NEWSPAPERS!

In other words, NINE CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS WERE WRONG: President ROOSEVELT had to have known ......... (If you want documented evidence that Roosevelt DID KNOW ABOUT THE ATTACK BEFORE IT HAPPENED, please read the pertinent chapter in the book I wrote entitled THE UNSEEN HAND, AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY.

It is discussed in the catalog that follows this report. Ralph Epperson is an historian, author, and lecturer who has been researching the CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY (the view that the major events of the past have been planned years in advance by a central conspiracy) for 50 years.

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