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This example does not show all of the possibilities for creating filters, or explain how to change any of the other settings.

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The Email Settings API supports the following operations: request does not have a body of additional XML elements.

Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.

when specifying the subjects or the words for the filter to match, many non-alphanumeric characters cannot be used.

Disallowed characters include square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign and asterisks. It belongs to a domain alias configured as part of the same Google Apps account.

Google Apps allows website administrators to offer their users co-branded versions of a variety of personalized Google applications, such as Google mail.

This document describes the Email Settings API which enables Google partners to programmatically manipulate most user-level Google Mail settings.We recommend your client application has a delay between the creation of more than one delegate or between the retrieval of a newly created delegate. If transitioning to the new infrastructure for Google Apps accounts, both the the domain used by the delegate and the primary account's domain have to have been transitioned before making an API delegation request.The following table shows the URI arguments used when creating a Gmail delegate. ACCEPTED -- Status when the delegate has access to the delegator's mailbox.To understand how to handle possible XML response codes see The following is an example of an error that occurred during the creation of a filter: The following two tables shows the properties to be set when creating a filter.The API supports setting and retrieving HTML-encoded signatures.

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