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Thc activities of the group continue to expand, and the basis on which the original Company was formed, engineering knowledge plus knowledge of art and science of pottery manufacture, remains the mainspring of it's vitality. Ltd., Hanley.) Prestige and Progress - A Survey of Industrial North Staffordshire 1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce - page 77This record of the company history reveals a couple important bits of information.

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Very little is known about the history of the Taylor Tunnicliff & Company during the late 1880's - 1890's.

It was during this period that they were commissioned by Samuel Clarke to make custom designed pottery bases for his fairy lamps. This firm, which has achieved world fame in the manufacture of high-grade ceramics for the electrical industry was founded in the year 1867 by Thomas Taylor and William Tunnicliff for the purpose of making specialized pottery articles.

The registered designs, however, were recorded by Clarke, not by Taylor Tunnicliff & Company.

Based on unverified descriptions, at least seven different Taylor Tunnicliff trademarks have been found on their fairy lamp bases.

Secondly, it points to a different spelling of the company name - "Tunnicliff" versus "Tunnicliff".

If this is the same company that provided Clarke his fairy lamp bases, the proper identification of the company should be Taylor Tunnicliff & Co.

However, one published source reveals the following historical information. Operations were started at a small factory at Shelton, which soon became inadequate to meet demands and its activities were transferred to much larger premises at Eastwood, Ltd, Hanley (more recently enlarged by adjacent buildings housing well-equipped laboratories) which, to this day, remain the Registered Offices of the group of firms controlled by Taylor Tunnicliff (Electrical Industries) Limited.

To increase production capacity, factories were built at Stone and Longton, and in 1938, the Holding Company, under the Chairmanship of Sir John Kent, C. E., was formed to control the Companies in the Taylor Tunnicliff group comprising: Taylor Tunnicliff & Co.

Additionally, several members of the Fairy Lamp Club made contributions to this documentation by providing additional photos from their person collections.

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