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Another fun thing to do is to make plans for the next morning, “Hey, there’s this great breakfast spot down the street that we can hit up in the morning…that is, if you’re not sick of me by then.” Saying this with a big, genuine smile will make her LMR relax and let her know that you’re not going to sneak out in the middle of the night or worse, kick her out!

For a real life example, I’ve had a guy be completely fun and sweet that night and then in the morning basically tell me to wake up and get out.

On the other hand, I’ve had a guy kiss me awake and ask to take me to breakfast.

Doesn’t the latter of the two sound more fun for both parties involved?

You also need to show her the extraction excuse that you should have already used to get her over to your place, i.e.

that funny video you made, the view from your apartment, your amazing dog, etc.I don’t just mean emotionally comfortable, which in itself goes a long way to lowering Anti Slut Defense, but I mean physically comfortable.When you walk in the door, hang up her coat for her. The easiest excuse to get her to take off her shoes is to just say you’re Asian. You want her to feel at home, so like any good host you will have offered her a drink and let her know where the bathroom is.It’s simple enough to say, “I just wanted to stop you a second and make sure that whatever happens between us tonight, you won’t think any less of me in the morning.” It’s important to sound sincere and mean it.This also has the added benefit of making you come across as very intuitive, nearly psychic, as if you knew what she wanted before she even knew it herself—which you actually now do!She was, after all, interested enough to go home with you.

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