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You’ll also benefit from our 24-hour libraries, extensive IT spaces and purpose-built study centres.

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This world-class teaching attracts the brightest students from across the world, with more than 120 countries represented in our international community.

After graduation, you’ll be part of our worldwide alumni network of inspirational innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers.

Canadian companies have expertise in many of these areas and so are well positioned to compete in the Iranian market.

However, Iran is a difficult market and is still subject to a range of sanctions from Canada and other countries as well as the United Nations Security Council.

Once again, Ramboll has secured one of the top spots as the most attractive employer among engineering students in 2017.

The survey is conducted by Universum and based on the preferences of over 36,000 students from leading universities in the Nordics.

Ongoing restrictions on dealings with Iran under the Iran UN Regulation.

Canadian Sanctions under the The full text of above mentioned prohibitions can be found at Justice Canada consolidation of the sanctions measures, current as of April 2016.

In the global scheme of challenges, the resource challenge is one of the most pressing ones to address: the limited natural resources.

This publication explains how Ramboll’s solutions contribute.

Research excellence The University is at the cutting edge of global research.

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