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The winning party may pursue collection through various legal forms of execution, but these can be complicated.The party may want to contact an attorney, as there could be more options available.Please click on the link below to access the restoration of civil rights application packet.

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The right to possess firearms requires petitioning the sentencing court.

The Judge will determine whether or not to grant the request.

After the answer is filed a conformed copy must be sent to the other party.

If the party files an answer, it must be submitted to the Court in writing.

The hearing is officially continued when it is granted by the Judge.

You may click on the link below to access the form to continue a hearing.

I just had a hearing before the Judge, when will I receive my minute entry? The department standard for the Clerk of the Superior Court is that all minute entries are completed and mailed (2) days after the hearing.

The Superior Court currently has a Change of Address form available. A public defender is an attorney who represents a person who is accused of a crime who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

There are additional steps in the rules of procedure that are required. When parties wish to submit a pleading to the Court and the Clerk of the Court does not have the form, you may utilize the Blank Title Page to draft your answer. If it is out of state, the party has thirty (30) days to file an answer. The party can file an Application for Entry of Default and Entry of Default (20) days after the other party has been served (30 days if they were served out of state).

There will be a filing fee to submit the answer to the court. Parties unsure how to file an answer may contact an attorney. The Clerk of the Superior Court does not carry a specific form to file an answer to a civil complaint. The time to file an answer to a civil complaint is twenty (20) days from the date the party is served or accepts service, if it is in state.

I have just moved, how can I update my address with the Court?

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