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It was a success, which saw some popularity in both Germany and France.Later on this bike, which became known as the Draisine, shifted from its common use to versions that were designed specifically to be used on railroads (which meant 4 wheeled versions), however despite that, this bike was the beginning of cycling’s 200 year 2-wheeled reign.Complainypants disease, an obsession with are of course good.

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For all practical intents and purposes, this was the first thing to actually qualify as a bicycle.

Invented by a German Baron named Karl von Drais in 1817.

Bicycles have been a big part of our society for a while now; almost everyone in the first world has learned to ride a bike at some point.

We all remember our first lessons from when we were kids, and of course, our first awesome wipeout.

who can’t seem to get ahead because of life’s many expenses, I notice many patterns.

Certain behavioral habits tend to make people wealthier, and others provide a grinding pull towards the gutter.

All of these people are missing the bigger picture, to their own detriment. So how do we exploit this loophole to make ourselves wealthier?

The answer, of course, is to watch out for signs of Tiny Details Exaggeration Syndrome in your own behavior, and punch yourself in the face any time it pops up.

Despite their advantaged position, people seem to become unaware of the wide variety of conditions in the world and their own ability as a human to deal with them. At first I thought this was a unique characteristic of US residents, since I saw the first examples after moving in with some roommates in Boulder, Colorado.

“You know, I never thought I’d be able to live way out here in the suburbs after living downtown for so long”, said 24-year-old Meredith, “but I guess you have to make some changes when you get older”.

So enjoy them, and by all means enjoy a bit of your great wealth as you make these choices, just to remind yourself that it is there.

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