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In the Cinequest Shorts Program, it’s hairy, it’s gross, and occasionally even romantic.That’s the joy of going to a film festival and seeing a series of shorts.

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Miranda owns absolutely zero pairs of flat or sensible shoes, over 100 different colours of nail polish and will eventually give up work to follow her true calling as a famous instagram nail artist.

I'm no expert, but dating is something I've done, and actually done well.

Also hosting the Annual "Monster Zero Mash", the label is moving from strength to strength with a slew of new releases from upcoming and established bands from around Europe.

Originally founded in Lekkerkerk, NL but moved to Innsbruck, AT.

Either you are a busy person or a shy one and still are single but really want to meet people, fill up your life with a new sense and impressions, or even want to change your life, nowadays its easy to do with all the variety of modern dating services.

New-dating is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you.

In this program, you’ll meet “Bigfoot’s Love Slave,” the first of two hilarious music videos, which gets followed by the Hairy Soul Man (Australian comic Kai Smythe) who delivers his life philosophy that can be summed up in smooth sultry soul with the mantra, “F*** Everything.” I might not agree with his worldview, but he’s made a fan.

Several filmmakers make an impression in this line-up — you’ll be able to hear interviews in an upcoming podcast with Honora Talbott and Bill Posely, the creative team who threaten native Angelenos that “We Know Where You Live.” And for those of you who want sci-fi or horror, there’s also “Multiverse Dating for Beginners,” written and directed by Kelly Tatham, who also joined us for an interview.

I missed the master lessons on "how to not throttle your partner when you come home and the garbage is still a festering mess and that was the ONE THING you asked her to do this morning," but I got the community-college equivalent in "how to feign interest in someone's boring hobbies just so you can get through the end of this glass of wine and then fake an emergency and leave." If you're lottery-winner lucky, you'll meet potential dates everywhere: in line for the gas station cashier, at the yoga center, skindiving.

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